Your local stairlift supplier covering the North East and North Yorkshire

At Bainbridge Mobility we will help you regain independence and stay in the home you love. As an independent supplier of stairlifts, we can give you unbiased advice on which stairlift is most suitable for your needs. We offer professional, impartial advice and our engineers are manufacturer trained to make sure you get the best lift for your staircase and needs.

We offer a free home assessment and this involves measuring your stairs to determine which lift would be suitable for your staircase. We will also discuss the various options available and answer any questions you may have. Our assessments are completely free and are carried out by a qualified stairlift engineer, not a salesperson. We will not pressurise you into making a decision there and then and we will not bombard you with follow-up calls.

We are a local family company supplying and installing Stairlifts to the North East and North Yorkshire areas. Covering a relatively small part of the UK, we can make sure that you will receive the best possible service – a service which we have been supplying for over 17 years.

We can supply a Stairlift which will fit almost any type of staircase, whether it is narrow, steep, spiralled or has 1 or more curves. In any of these cases, the rail will be attached to the staircase using stanchions (feet) which sit neatly on top of the stair treads and are fixed directly to the floor.

Installation times vary depending on the complexity of the staircase, but generally, takes between 1-2 hours for a straight lift and slightly more for a curved lift. There is minimal mess and fuss, and once the lift is installed, a full demonstration is given the use and safety features.

Stairlifts run on their own battery power so will continue to work even when all power is lost to your home. Yes, they are plugged into the power supply in the house, but this is just for charging purposes. Think of the way your cordless telephone works – when it is not in use, it is docked and charging.

Everyone’s staircase is different, as is everyone’s personal circumstances. We can give you approximate prices over the phone, but without seeing the actual staircase and discussing your specific requirements, we are unable to know which Stairlift configuration is required. It is for this reason we offer a free home visit where we can assess you and your staircase and give you an exact price. This is carried out by a fully qualified Stairlift Engineer – NOT a professional sales person. To book an appointment call 01642 891654.

Please contact us below if you would like any further information or to book a free home visit: