Walking Sticks

At Bainbridge Mobility we offer a wide choice of walking sticks and canes for both men and women. These include folding sticks, traditional wooden sticks, and country canes. Our range of walking sticks are available in a huge range of colours and styles – from plain and simple colours, through to more elaborate and quirky styles – and everything in between. Walking sticks aren’t just an aid – they are also a fashion accessory!!

  • Adjustable Walking Sticks

    Adjustable Walking Sticks (12)

  • Folding Walking Sticks

    Folding Walking Sticks (12)

  • Country Sticks

    Country Sticks (8)

    Country Sticks

    Our range of Country Sticks include thumb sticks, Staghorn handle sticks, shepherds crooks and knob sticks. Available in various wood types including chestnut, ash and hazel. If you would like more information on our country sticks, please call 01642 891654.
  • Seat Sticks

    Seat Sticks (6)

    Seat Sticks

    Here you will find a range of Seat Sticks to offer assistance whilst out walking. Our range of seat sticks includes shooting sticks and tripod stick seats, perfect for a variety of outdoor activities and sporting events.