If you require more comfort and support whilst in bed then take a look at our range of bedroom aids. Here you will find adjustable beds, orthopaedic mattresses and bedroom accessories. We only stock high-quality beds from leading manufacturers.

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  • Adjustable Beds

    Adjustable Beds (4)

    Adjustable Beds

    If you require more comfort and support whilst in bed, then let Bainbridge Mobility help you achieve it with one of our Adjustable Beds. Maybe you are spending more time in bed and would benefit from the option of being able to position yourself. Exactly where you want at the touch of a button? Maybe you have a medical problem which restricts your ability to have a good night’s sleep? Or, maybe you just want a bed that you can enjoy spending time in – whether sleeping or sitting up and relaxing? Whatever your reason, we can help you to choose the right adjustable bed for your requirements.

    We can supply beds from 2ft 3” wide to 6ft wide. There’s the option of a ‘dual-action’ bed which is actually 2 independent mechanisms in the same frame so that 1 person can sleep flat while the other sits up and reads. We also supply a range of Mattresses to compliment our beds and to tailor them further to an individual’s needs. These include Pocket Sprung Mattresses, Reflex Foam Mattresses, and Memory Foam Mattresses.

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  • Nursing Beds

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  • Mattresses & Toppers

    Mattresses & Toppers (3)

  • Bed Support Rails

    Bed Support Rails (9)

    Bed rails & cot sides

    Bed Support Rails

    Here you will find a range of Bed Support Rails to help you to get in and out of bed. If you find it difficult to lift yourself up from a laying down to a sitting position our bed rails may be able to help.

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  • Pillows & Back Rests

    Pillows & Back Rests (7)

    Pillows & back rests

    Pillows & Backrests

    Our range of Pillows and Back Rests offer excellent support whilst sitting in an armchair or bed. They can also help with chronic illnesses such as gastric reflux, spinal problems and respiratory conditions. We also offer a range of leg raisers - these can help to provide relief from oedema, varicose veins and swollen legs.
  • Overbed Tables

    Overbed Tables (5)

    Overbed tables

    Overbed Tables

    Overbed Tables are designed for those who are confined to a bed whether it's due to illness or recovering from an operation. You can also use them when seated in a wheelchair or your comfortable armchair. The table top tray can be used for placing drinks, meals, reading books or any other activities. An overbed table with castors allows you to move it out the way when not in use.  The overbed table without castors is ideal for going under divan beds where space is limited.

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