We offer a wide range of Bathroom products to help you with your bathing and toileting needs. Whether you are needing something to help you in and out of the bath or maybe you just simply find your toilet seat a little too low and would like something to help you up? We have a vast range of Bathing and Toilet Aids available including raised toilet seats, bath boards, washing aids and shower stools.

  • Toilet Frames

    Toilet Frames (4)

    Toilet frames

    Toilet Frames

    Our range of Toilet Frames provides stability when lowering and raising from the toilet. Fitted with handles at both sides, this gives the user the support their need to be able to raise themselves up. You also have the option of a toilet frame which has a seat fitted to it, these are designed to reduce the distance you need to bend down. As well as making it easier to stand up from.

    All our Toilet Frames are adjustable in height and some can be adjusted in width to suit various bathroom configurations.

  • Raised Toilet Seats

    Raised Toilet Seats (5)

    Raised Toilet Seats

    If you struggle to stand up from a traditional toilet our range of Raised Toilet Seats may help. There are available in various heights and designs. These include padded toilet seats for extra comfort as well as raised toilet seats with arms. These provide extra support and stability whilst standing.
  • Commodes

    Commodes (9)

  • Bath Seats

    Bath Seats (3)

    Bath seats

    Bath Seats

    Make bathing more enjoyable again with the use of a Bath Seat. Designed to sit inside the bath, they help eliminate the need to lower yourself fully into the bathtub. Making it an easier and safer experience for those with reduced mobility. Our range of Bath Seats can be easily be fitted and are available in various heights and widths.
  • Shower Stools

    Shower Stools (10)

  • Mattress Protectors

    Mattress Protectors (8)

  • Shower Chairs

    Shower Chairs (5)

    Shower Chairs

    Our Shower chairs offer a simple solution to bathing and can help to make the bathroom a safer environment. Some of our shower chairs are supplied with self-propelled wheels. This allows those with reduced mobility to manoeuvre themselves around the bathroom. However, if getting around the bathroom is sometimes a difficulty, then a shower chair with smaller wheels may be the answer. If wheels are not required, there is always the option of a static shower chair. These shower chairs are fitted with four rubber ferrules to stop the chair slipping in the shower. Bear in mind, if you need to side transfer from and into a shower chair then you will need to look into one with removable arms.
  • Bath Boards

    Bath Boards (3)

    Bath board

    Bath Boards

    Bath Boards are designed to make bathing an easier and safer experience. They can be easily attached to the bath using the brackets provided, and are available in a range of widths to suit various bath sizes. Bath Boards are extremely useful for people who find it difficult getting in and out of their bath.
  • Grab Rails

    Grab Rails (5)

    Grab Rails

    Grab Rails and Grab Bars can be greatly beneficial for those living with reduced mobility. There can be utilised in most situations where a greater stability is needed. We have a wide selection available which are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. These can be easily installed by the use of screw fixings (the type of fixing would depend on the wall). If you require something temporary, we also offer a range of suction Grab Rails which are more suitable for the bathroom.
  • Washing Aids

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  • Washable Pants

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  • Disposable Pads

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  • Bed Pans & Urinals

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  • Toileting Accessories

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  • Bathroom Accessories

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