Providing Help & Support After You Have Made Your Purchase

It is our belief that good customer service not only means providing sound advice when choosing your mobility product. But also means being supportive should further assistance be required after making your purchase. We strive to ensure that our customer’s needs and expectations are met every step of the way. Not just up to the point of sale!

Here at Bainbridge Mobility Ltd, we are very particular when it comes to the products we supply. Although we have a complete and reliable backup service, we don’t just hope that you never need to use it. We rely on our many years of industry knowledge coupled with the Servicing and Repair side of our business to decide on which products are built to a high enough standard. That way, little is left to chance.

However, in the very unfortunate event of having a problem with one of our products, you can rest assured that we will deal with it promptly and efficiently. As we are a company which only supplies locally, our own service engineers are always nearby and can be with you quickly in an emergency.

If you require more information regarding our Aftercare Service, please feel free to contact us by telephoning 01642 891654.